Technical Support


ARBOR has established the following guidelines to provide customers with the best support and shortest TAT rate possible. Below are the terms of ARBOR's DOA/RMA service to customers

(Note 1)

ARBOR’s products are generally warranted against defects in material and workmanship for a period of time from date of shipment from ARBOR, this period is construed as Warranty Period. Within Warranty Period, ARBOR will at its discretion, repair or replace the product at no additional charge to customers.
1. Warranty Period
  1-1 Unless otherwise stated on a particular product documentation in effect of purchase, each category of ARBOR’s products is delivered with an individual Warranty Period as follows:
      Embedded Boards, Embedded Systems and Medical Computers: 2 years.

(Note 2)

      Portable Devices & Portable Computers (equipped with battery for mobility): 1 year.

(Note 4)

      Serialized Accessories: 1 year.
      Non-Serialized Accessories (without serial number): 30 days.
  1-2 For customers who require extended warranty, we offer services at additional charge.
  1-3 Please link to Arbor's web site for the detail of the Warranty Period on each product.
2. Caution for DOA
  2-1 A dated Bar Code will be labeled on each product from ARBOR; the period of validity for DOA (Dead on Arrival) Product is ten (10) days from the date of the shipment. Within this period, customers may return goods to ARBOR for repair or replacement after the “return merchandise authorization” number is given by ARBOR’s Customer Service Department.
  2-2 DOA Cross-Shipment excludes any customized and/or build-to-order products. The DOA agreement signed by customers is required for initiating/releasing cross shipment with ARBOR confirmation and verification. The only conditions for Cross-Shipment are: a) the return must not be damaged, altered or marked, b) all parts and accessories must be included as originally shipped; and c) proof of purchase must be included. Any returns that do not meet the above requirements, or any wrong user settings/configurations will be denied, or subject to additional handling/service charges as determined by the ARBOR Customer Service Department.
3. Coverage of Warranty
  3-1 RMA products may be serviced or manufactured with parts, components, or subassemblies that originate from returned products and that have been tested as meeting applicable specifications for equivalent new material and products. The sole obligation of Arbor for defective hardware Products is limited to repair or replacement (at Arbor's option) on an authorized ARBOR repair facility.
  3-2 ARBOR is not responsible for any damage to or loss of any software programs, data or removable data storage media, or the restoration or reinstallation of any software programs or data other than the software, customers are under obligation to backup their software program and data prior to return a RMA/DOA product for repair or exchange if any. ARBOR’s sole obligation is repair ing the defect to recover the product to have functionalities as the factory defaults.
  3-3 Except the exclusions stated at section-4.1 to section-4.7, the Warranty Coverage is figured out by below matrix:
Coverage Embedded Boards / Systems, and Medical Computers Portable Devices / Computers Serialized Accessories Non-Serialized Accessories
Warranty Period 2 years 1 years 1 years 30 dys
Online Technical Support
Manufacture Defects *1
Components Defects N/A
BIOS / Firmware Crash N/A
OS / Software Crash *2 N/A N/A N/A N/A
Normal Wear and Tear After Use N/A N/A N/A N/A
Accessories Breakage N/A N/A N/A N/A
*1 Manufacture Defects include faults from Workmanship and Design Quality.
*2 Re-Installation of OS/software is possibly applied if it was necessary in analyzing the root cause of defect.
4. Exclusions from Warranty Coverage
  The product is excluded from warranty if:
  4-1 The product has been found to be defective after expiry of the Warranty Period.
  4-2 The returned product is found to have been misused, abused, scratched, mishandled, mislabeled, modified or altered in any way. Such conditions will be determined solely by ARBOR.
  4-3 The products or accessories are not manufactured by ARBOR, such as RAM, HDD, FDD, CPU, CD-ROM, KVM, LCD Panel etc. These will be limited to the warranty provided by the original manufacturer.
  4-4 The product is damaged beyond repair due to a natural disaster such as a lighting strike, flood, earthquake, etc.
  4-5 Updates/upgrades and tests are carried out at the request of customers who are without warranty.
  4-6 Damage is a result of repair done by individuals or service centers not authorized by ARBOR’s Customer Service Department.
  4-7 The decline of battery’s capacity is expectable correspondent with running time.
  4-8 If the product has been repaired by ARBOR, and within three months after such a repair, the product requires another repair for the same problem, ARBOR will do this repair free of charge.
  4-9 However such free repair does not apply to the product which have been misused, abused, scratched, mishandled, mislabeled, modified or altered in any way; the product is improperly maintained by the customer; or failure caused which ARBOR is not responsible whether by accident or other causes. Such conditions will be determined solely by ARBOR.
5. Shipping Instruction
  The customer is responsible for packaging a DOA/RMA product in such a way that no additional damage occurs during normal shipping and handling. Any freight-collect shipments without notice in advance will be refused. For RMA warranty repairs, the return fee to an authorized ARBOR repair facility will be at the customer’s expense and ARBOR will cover the one-way cost for shipping the goods to the customer after the repair is complete; for DOA warranty replacements, ARBOR will cover the shipping cost for round-trip. ARBOR reserves the right to use the most economical shipping method available.
  5-1 RMA/DOA number must appear on the shipping label outside of the package, include a copy of the invoice and a copy of RMA form with prepaid shipping charge.
  5-2 Returned products must be packed in their original packaging or equivalent protective package material to ensure that they arrive damage-free. The customer is responsible for the proper packaging of items for return. All warranties are void on items that are insufficiently or improperly packed.
  5-3 The return package could be refused or delayed if there is insufficient information or paperwork.
  5-4 Returned packages should be insured. ARBOR will not be held responsible for any loss or damage for uninsured goods returned. Cash on Delivery package is not acceptable.
  5-5 It is recommended that packages are insured and that tracking reference and proof of delivery are obtained for the shipment. The cost for these must be borne by the customer.
  5-6 If the package delivered back to the customer by the carrier, e.g. FedEx, be visibly damaged, it can be refused and a note made on the carrier's delivery record. ARBOR must be notified immediately, citing the RMA Number in order that a claim can be filed with the carrier.
  5-7 If a damaged package is accepted, this must be noted on the carrier's delivery record and the packaging must be kept for inspection and/or eventual pick-up by the carrier or ARBOR. Failure to observe these procedures will assume that the customer has accepted the package to their full satisfaction.
  5-8 Regarding software license and privacy issues, please ensure that data is backup and cleared (if necessary) prior to return to ARBOR. ARBOR will not be held responsible for lost data.
  5-9 PRODUCTS FOR REPAIR ONLY: Do not enclose manuals, disks, cable sets or retail packing with the returned Product. Only the item sent for repair will be returned.
But the battery repair (consumable parts) need ship back with original product. 
  5-10 PRODUCTS RETURNED FOR CREDIT: Send in their original shipping carton with original packing material and without any writing on the original box. Items must contain all manuals, cables and accessories and be in re-sellable condition.
  5-11 DOA Products: These will be returned to the customer as received by ARBOR (i.e. should the product be returned to ARBOR without cables, box, manual, etc, this is how ARBOR will supply the replacement product.)
Service charge
1. Service charge for In-Warranty
For a warranty repair, there is no additional charge at the customer’s expense except a one-way shipping cost that is borne by the customer.
2. Service charge for Out-of-Warranty
  2-1 Out of warranty repair charges are dependent on component cost and labor time Service Charge= Labor cost + Material cost + Freight charge

(Note 3)

  2-2 Other products and accessories not manufactured by ARBOR are limited to the warranty provided by the original manufacturer.
3. Quotation
  3-1 ARBOR will issue an estimate after diagnosing the problem with a minimum charge of US$30. Before out-of-warranty repairs are commenced ARBOR will send a pro forma invoice (P/I) showing the repair charges.
  3-2 No action will be taken prior to confirmation of permission to repair being received. A formal invoice will be issued when the repairing is done, please sign back and pay the repairing charge, and fully payment must be made before shipment.
  3-3 Please ensure that ARBOR's PI number is used as a reference when making payments. ARBOR reserves the right to deny repair services to customers that do not return the DOA unit or sign the P/I. ARBOR will scrap defective products without prior notice if customers do not return the signed P/I within 3 months
End of Life service
ARBOR cannot guarantee repair of any products beyond one year of End-of-Life due to limited availability of replacement components. If repair components are not available, ARBOR will suggest equivalent products for purchase and offer special pricing.
ARBOR cannot guarantee repair of any products beyond one year of End-of-Life due to limited availability of replacement components. If repair components are not available, ARBOR will suggest equivalent products for purchase and offer special pricing. The service policy if have any revise, please refer to Arbor's website for details.
Note 1: The service policy if any revise, please refer to ARBOR's website for details.
Note 2: ARBOR has revised a new warranty policy effective from March 1, 2010. All ARBOR standard products are covered under warranty for a two-year period except for the one-year warranty of Tablet PC. Products purchased before January 1, 2010 are covered under the product's original one year warranty, unless otherwise noted on thepackaging.
Note 3: ARBOR has revised new service charge effective from Apr 1, 2017.
Note 4: ARBOR has revised product categories definition effective from August 1, 2014, “Portable Devices and Portable Computers” herein is used instead of “Tablet PCs”.