Digital Signage

Self-service Kiosk

Self-service Kiosk
Standing-along in hotel lobbies, airports, parking lots, museums, hospitals, and office buildings, a self-service kiosk, designed within a public exhibit that provides access to information and applications for communication, commerce, entertainment, and education, is there to serve you. The self-service kiosks provide versatile services, such as directory access, online transactions, collecting cash in exchange for merchandises and much more. Therefore, customized components as coin hoppers, bill acceptors, card readers and thermal printers are necessary to enable kiosks to meet the owner's special needs.
Self-service Kiosk
Rugged and reliable Panel PCs enhance efficiency of Space and Meeting System Management
Meeting System

■ Introduction
The rapidly increasing sophistication of computing and communication systems present in office buildings can facilitate improved work environments that positively impact all levels of personnel. Implementation of intelligent office environments with more human-oriented and automated management, however, requires effective use of technology resources, systems sensors, controllers, and multi-touch devices. Benefits are enhanced efficiency, security, energy savings and an overall more positive and pleasant work environment. ARBOR’s ASLAN Series of widescreen panel PCs represents a perfect fit for intelligent work places, meeting rooms, and reception areas that benefit from the booking of meeting rooms, to room environmental controls, automated briefings, visitor management, as well as innovative signage systems and self-guided information facilities.

■ Applications

  • Office scenarios
  • Company information
  • Meeting or seminar schedules
  • Interactive event services

■ Requirements

  • Low power consumption
  • Ample connectivity and wireless communication capability
  • Large LCD Display w/ LED Backlight
  • Rugged yet elegant exterior design
  • Camera / RFID / NFC scanner attachable
  • Easy maintenance design

■ Description

ARBOR ASLAN Series panel PCs, based on the Intel® Bay Trail platform, supply both superior performance and low power consumption. These energy-saving widescreen multi-touch displays with LED backlights are light, have a thin profile, and provide extended life. ASLAN has a flat panel display with an elegant aluminum front bezel and SECC steel chassis making it perfect for deployment in public areas.

Used as a signage board in the reception, ASLAN can display welcome messages to guests, provide visitors with the details of each floor map of the building, and numerous other initial point-of-contact information. In addition, customers or visitors may quickly call up product or company information with a simple interactive touch-screen interface.

Integrated or stand-alone ASLAN Panel PCs may also be installed at conference registration areas for quick and easy check-in by scanning the RFID/QR codes on visitor passes. It also can be installed next to the reception counter of the company, the front desk staffs can identify registering attendees’ authority, take portrait pictures of attendees and immediately print it on their one-off ID passes via the attached cameras on the Panel PCs. This can greatly simplify and accelerate pre-registered check-ins.

Meeting room scheduling, management and preparation can be a challenging task in office buildings. ASLAN panels can be used to quickly identify available meeting room space, enter or change bookings, or cancel booking if the space isn’t needed. ASLAN also provides a simple control dashboard to adjust lighting, air-conditioning and briefing equipment such as projectors, whiteboards and video conferencing

■ Benefits

  • Ensures a safe, comfortable, and positive work environment
  • Minimizes power consumption for cost savings
  • Maximizes facility and systems efficiency
  • Enhances corporate identity with a smart, well-oiled operation