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Corporate Governance

Organization Chart Department Definition and Responsibilities Managers’ Profile Corporate Governance Architecture Board
薪資報酬委員會 Important organizational regulations 公司治理運作情形 利害關係人專區  
Organization Chart
Organization Chart
 Organization Chart
Department Definition and Responsibilities
Dept. Responsibilites
Compensation Committee 1. Define and Review periodically performance of Board Members, Supervisors and Manager.      Review the policies, system, standard and structure of remuneration.
2. Periodically review the remuneration of Board Members, Supervisors and Managers.
Internal Audit Department 1. Establish the system for internal control and auditing, evaluate the completeness, effectiveness      and rationality of the company’s systems.
2. Check and analyze results of internal control, provide suggestions, actions for improvements and      keep track.
President 1. Set long term development plans for the company.
2. Investment, merge plans, and review contracts.
3. The agenda working group for board of directors(shareholders).

4. Control the level of authority, monitor continuous improvement for internal operations.
CEO 1. Ensure the profitability of the company, maintain sustainable operation.
2. Set plans for company development strategy and targets, quality policy and target.
3. Coordinate different departments and different projects, manage operations of overseas      branches and headquarter.
4. Ratify major management decisions of the company.
New Business Development Div. 1. Plan overseas new market, execute new business operation strategy.
2. Plan new business market products, and execute business plan.
3. Operating brand and building alliance with different industries,analyzing and evaluate the projects      (including those with different industries).

4. Develop new technologies, products and opportunities.
General Manager 1. Promote company’s business plan and target.
2. Review each Dept’s plans, status, and results.
3. Coordinate the resources of each Department.
Occupational Safety and Health Dept. 1. Set, plan, monitor and promote occupational safety and health issues.
2. Advise, coordinate, suggest occupational safety and health related policies.
3. Guide personnels to execute policies.
4. Plan, promote employee training for safety and health.
Finance Department 1. Establish sound and complete finance system, financial report and budget planning.
2. Management of cashier operations.
3. Raising and procurement of fund, management of foreign currency.
4. Handle shareholders’ equity.
Operation & Management Div. 1. Manage human resources, administrative, general affairs, and legal issues.
2. Plan each department’s information system, help develop the software needed, to utilize      company’s resources.
3. Be in charge of business plan, project execution related issues.
Sales and & Marketing Department 1. Manage customer credit, process purchase order, A/R management, develop market,
     coordinate production.
2. Collect global market information, analyze and plan accordingly.
3. Promote and market products, set plans and support marketing needs.
4. Evaluate, confirm , and manage product project.
5. Provide answers for customer complaints and other questions.
6. Provide customer satisfaction feedback.
7. Maintain and manage company website.
CTO Responsible for the R&D of company products, customer after service and quality related issues.
Medical & Tablet Div. Responsible for the development of medical products and rugged tablets, manage
the R&D schedule, technical document related issues.
Industry Automation Div. Responsible for the development, and sales support of automation related products, also including digital signage, transportation , industry control and smart grid products.
Embedded Computer Div. Responsible for the R&D, marketing, development and technology of industrial boards products.
Advanced Technology & Resource Center Responsible for the advanced technology, technology support and technology documentation related issues.
China R&D Team Development of new products, improvement of old products, and overall development and design of products.
Design Quality Assurance Center Responsible for approving product design and quality, reliability of systems, improvement of assembly process, and assist factory to improve process related issues.
Production Management Div. Coordinate and manage all production activities, including setting up and executing production plans, tracking production lead time and exception analysis, all related procurement activities of raw material, and product quality management

1. Set and execute short-term/medium-term/long-term goals of production operations, in order to      continuously enhance the competitiveness of company.
2. Manage all the administrative works including budget control, manufacturing equipment      management and others,in order to use resources efficiently.
3. Plan and manage talent selection, training, and recruitment of subordinate departments, in
    order  to improve quality of manpower.
4. Set and evaluate personal / departmental performance objectives for subordinate departments      and employees , in order to achieve corporate performance objectives.
5. Search and provide the best performance / price ratio and stable delivery of raw materials, in      order to reduce cost and ensure shipment delivery to customers on time.
6. Manage and track the production process from raw materials to production lines / outsourcing      factories and shipments.
7. Choose qualified outsourcing factories and audit periodically, in order to obtain the optimal      quality of production.
8. Establish a flexible sample production line and professional rework services, in order to respond      to market demand immediately and improve customer satisfaction.
Quality Management Div. Continuously improve the overall quality of corporate governance, including management of products, outsourcing factories, and suppliers. Identify potential problems and give timely solutions in advance, in order to enhance the competitiveness of company.

1. Management of quality issues.
2. Management of Outsourcing Quality.
3. Management of toxic substances and the environment.
4. Manage and audit system and processes according to ISO standard.
5. Set up training systems of quality management.
6. Customer complaint and TAT management for RMA.
7. Collect DVT, Production, and Customer’s feedback, coordinate relevant departments to set      corrective and preventive actions,in order to improve products and servic quality.
8. Enhance maintenance support and after-sales service to improve customer satisfaction.
Managers’ Profile
Information about CEO, president, vice president, associate director and departments and branches
Title(s) Name Education / Experience Position(s) in other companies
President/CEO Eric Lee University of Memphis EE M.S

National Chung-Shan nstitute of Science & Technology R&D Chief
• ARBOR Solution ,Inc.
• Guiding Technology Co.,Ltd.
• Flourish Technology Co.,Ltd.
• Arbor France S.A.S
• Arbor Korea Co.,Ltd.
• AMobile Intelligence Corp.
• Arbor Technologies Sdn Bhd
  Director of Board
• ACloud Intelligence Services Corp.
• A-Easy Intelligence Corp.
GM Clark Lien Leeds University Business School

Taiwan Mobile Co., Ltd Sales Dept.
• ARBOR Technology (ShenZhen) Co.,Ltd.
• Beijing ARBOR Technology Co.,Ltd.
Operation & Management Div.
Vice President
Annie Lin University of North Alabama M.B.A

Escort Instruments Corp. Executive Assistant to GM

Prestico Associated Corp. Executive Assistant to GM

Yanjen Electronic Co.,Ltd. Executive Assistant to GM
CSCO Sean Chiang National Taipei Institute of Technology(Now, National Taipei University of Technology)
Dept. of Electronic Engineering

Applied Technology Solution Inc.

Avalue Technology Inc.
Vice Present

Legendaire Technology Co.,Ltd.
Vice Present

CTO Karl Chen National Taipei Institute of Technology(Now, National Taipei University of Technology)
Dept. of Electronic

Engineering Ennoconn Corporation
R&D Dept.
Luke Hu Kuang Wu Junior College (Now, Taipei Chengshih University of Science & Technology)
Dept. of Electronic Engineering

Soltek Computer Inc, Assistant Manager
Project Development Dept.
Stuart Lu Fen Chia University
Dept. of International
Trade B.B.A

High Performace Information Corp.
Vice General Manager
• ARBOR Technology (ShenZhen)
  Co.,Ltd. Director of Board
• Beijing ARBOR Technology
  Co.,Ltd. GM
• Shenzhen ARBOR Technology
  Co.,Ltd. President/GM
• A-Easy Intelligence Corp. President
Financial Dept.
PK Kuo Feng Chia University
Dept. of Accounting

PricewaterhouseCoopers Taiwan
In Charge
• ARBOR Technology (ShenZhen) Co.,Ltd.
  Director of Board
• Beijing ARBOR Technology
  Co.,Ltd. Director of Board
• Satem Technology
  Co.,Ltd. Director of Board
• AMobile Intelligence Corp.
  Director of Board
• ARBOR Technologies Sdn Bhd
  Director of Board
• ACloud Intelligence Services Corp.
  Director of Board
• A-Easy Intelligence Corp.
  Director of Board
Human Resource Dept.
Lawrence Jao National Chung Cheng University, MBA.

Lanner Electronics. Human Capital Director

DPTT Mask technology Human Resources Manager

Epistar Corporation Human Resources Director
MIS Dept.
National Taiwan University Dept. of Plant Pathology

Synnex Technology International Corporation
MIS Dept. Section Manager
Corporate Governance Architecture
Board Member List and Educational Background/Experience
Title Name Date of Election Service Term Main Educational Background/Experience
Chairman & CEO Eric Lee 2015/5/6 3 years M.S in EE,University of Memphis R&D Chief, National Chung-Shan Institute of Science & Technology
Director Clark Lien 2015/5/6 3 years MBA, Leeds University Sales Specialist, Taiwan Mobile Co., Ltd
Director PK Kuo 2015/5/6 3 years B.S in Accounting, Feng Chia University In-Charge, PricewaterhouseCoopers Taiwan
Director Winstron Corporation Representative: Donald Hwang 2015/5/6 3 years M.S in EE,National Chiao Tung University President of CPBG, Winstron Corporation
Independent Director Dr. Chuang-Chien Chiu  2015/5/6 3 years USA PhD in EE, Michigan State University Dean and Professor of EE, Feng Chia University
Independent Director Betty Lin 2015/5/6 3 years B.S in Accounting, National Chung Hsing University Manager of Assurance service, Deloitte Taiwan
Supervisor Raymond Lan 2015/5/6 3 years B.S in Information Engineering, Feng Chia University Vice General Manager, EDOM Technology Co.,LTD
Supervisor JL Chang 2015/5/6 3 years M.S in Computer Science, Stevens Institute of Technology Vice GM of Marketing Dept, Teammax Technology Co.,LTD
Independent Supervisor Bing-Ze Wu 2015/5/6 3 years MS, National Taipei Tech of Technology, B.S in Accounting, TungHi University CEO, Cheng Yang CPA
身份別 姓名 主要經學歷
獨立董事 邱創乾 美國密西根州立大學電機工程博士
獨立董事 林慧敏 國立中興大學會計系
外部專家 張恩浩 逢甲大學會計系學士
Important organizational regulations
Articles of Incorporation
Type Size Download
Articles of Incorporation
Corporate Governance
Type Size Download
Ethical Corporate Management Best Practice Principles 232KB PDF
Corporate Social Responsibility Principles 162KB PDF
Corporate Governance Best Practice Principles 276KB PDF
Procedures of Assets Acquisition and Disposal 157KB PDF
Code of Ethical Conducts 187KB PDF
Operational Rules Trades of Company 65KB PDF
Procedures for Loaning Funds to Others 105KB PDF
Rules and Procedure of Board of Directors Meetings 118KB PDF
Rules for Board of Directors Performance Assessments 153KB PDF
Rules Governing the Election of Directors and Supervisors 76KB PDF
Risk Management Policy 116KB PDF
Procedures for Endorsements and Guarantees 100KB PDF
Rules and Procedures of Shareholders’ Meeting 104KB PDF
Ethical Corporate Management Best Practice Principles 146KB PDF
利害關係人 關心議題 溝通管道或方式
股東 營運策略與方針
客戶 產品品質與交期
供應商 法規符合度
員工 薪資福利
社區(群) 環境保護
股東關係 設置發言人專責處理股東建議,即時揭露財務資訊並與投資人進行充分有效的溝通,隨時保持資訊的完整、即時與正確性並增加資訊透明度其使投資人充分了解本公司之經營成果與長期之經營方向,確保投資人權益。
客戶關係 提供優質服務品質,為客戶量身定造、設計開發及量產的專業服務。
供應商關係 定期進行供應商評鑑,對供商發出評比計分做為客戶滿意度之監控。
員工關係 依勞動法規規定保障員工合法權益,整合公司核心職能與員工需求結合政策目標,
負責推動勞工安全衛生的維護及管理模式,通過了國際性的職業安全衛生管理系統OHSAS 18001驗證,
瞭解雙方想法以達勞資雙贏局面。 公司並不定期召開全員大會報告公司營運情況,
社群關係 誠信經營 公司要求所有供應商不得對員工個人或親人進行私人利益輸送,損害公司利益及企業形象,落實公司誠信經營原則。
社會環境政策 綠色營運發展具環保概念及功能之產品、從事環保製程技術、使用環保替換材料、產線物質減廢回收、減少產生有害物質使用、提升產品能源使用效率,遵守國際環保法規,節能減碳,致力環保育工作,推動無紙化表單,減少紙本表單的使用,每人每月用紙量滅少15%,滅少電能耗損,用電量每月較前一年度同月份滅少3%,並於105年持續推動落實改善,善盡社會環境責任。
社會參與 秉持「取之於社會,用之於社會」的精神,持續的回饋社會,對於社會公益積極參與,以期能拋磚引玉,為弱勢團體工,為社會帶來更多的溫暖。
利害關係人 聯絡方式
客戶 線上客服
供應商 採購部 莊先生
社區關係 人資部 饒先生
投資人 財務部 郭小姐