Partnering with ARBOR

Partnering for a Smarter Products & Better service:
At ARBOR Technology, partnership is an integral part of our company culture. We are dedicated to a “win-win-win” formula for success where customers, partners and ARBOR work closely together to deliver smarter products and better service.

Moving towards the vision of a “Smart Connected World”, the Industrial IoT (IIoT) markets will continue to grow at the rapid pace in the coming years. ARBOR will also grow at a rapid pace with our partners to work together through collaborations, partnering for success.

Regional Distributors
ARBOR should be visible and available to industries of all regions in the world to fulfill customer demands. To further expand our coverage worldwide, ARBOR is open to qualified regional distributors to provide ARBOR’s industrial solutions to your region. We welcome new partners to team with us for greater business success.

Software Partners
ARBOR is primarily a design and manufacturing provider of industrial grade computing solutions. We are open to software partners to integrate Arbor products with software to complete application solutions for our valued customers, and to be able to develop different solutions for different industries throughout various vertical markets.

System Integrator
ARBOR’s industrial products provide the tools you need to design you own solution as our system integrator. ARBOR’S products and solutions can be the key components to many solution demands. As system integrator, you can help to fulfill a customer’s requirements by combining your services with the right ARBOR product and be rewarded with high margin revenue for your company. ARBOR works with global integrators for large scale, corporate industrial projects, public sector companies, government, startups and more.