ARBOR CWR Technology


ARBOR CPU Watt Reduction Technology

Application-optimized CPU Power Configuration for Embedded Systems

Over the years, CPU technology and architecture have evolved rapidly to address growing performance demands. Compared to traditional systems, processors nowadays can deliver higher performance with less power and thus are more energy-efficient. Yet, today’s embedded design still faces significant challenges in minimizing CPU power with the evolving mobile, automation and IoT applications in new-generation embedded systems. ARBOR’s CPU Watt Reduction (CWR) technology was developed in response to these challenges and aims to bring the best performance-power tradeoff to embedded systems.

White Paper

  • How processor power consumption matters to embedded systems
  • ARBOR’s approach to address the CPU power issue
  • Showcase of increasing performance per watt with CWR applied
  • How CWR benefits to embedded system designers

Processing Power Matters

ARBOR CWR Technology – Lower CPU Power, Better Performance-per-Watt

Decreased CPU Power

Decreased CPU Power

Optimized Performance

Optimized Performance

Maximum Performance-per-watt

Maximum Performance-per-watt

Example Use Case

Performance-per-Watt Gains for Intel Core i7-7820EQ

CWR technology is designed to reduce CPU power consumption while at the same time optimizing performance at acceptable levels to achieve best power/performance tradeoffs.

In the example case of the Intel Core i7-7820EQ, when CWR is applied with 94% performance preservation, the CPU power can be reduced to as low as 56% while the Performance-per-Watt is increased to 1.71 times higher.

CWR Technology Advantages

Optimized Thermal Design

The reduction of CPU power provides the possibility of eliminating the use of fans so as to make an enclosure more compact and portable.

Cost-Effective Migration to New Generation CPU

CWR helps to reduce the power of new CPU to fit existing cooling system, allowing existing designers to seamlessly migrate to new processors within the same architecture.

More Flexible CPU Selection

CWR offers system developers the flexibility to choose a more cost-effective CPU that best fits their applications.

Reducing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Lowering CPU power enables cost savings in CPU selection, cooling system as and maintenance. Overall cost can be reduced to help customers optimize the TCO .

Project-Specific Configuration

By providing application-optimized CPU power configuration, CWR specialization allows to deliver better performance per watt and per project.

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Enabling CWR with ARBOR Embedded Systems

Com Express Type 6 CPU module
3.5" Compact Board
Com Express Type 6 CPU module
Com Express Type 6 CPU module